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Aug 14, 2019

Mindflex Game

The Mindflex Game features the world of telekinesis. Telekinesis is the power to move physical objects using only the power of your mind. For many years, the very concept of telekinesis has been debated. People like Uri Geller have presented the power of the human mind over the material world by apparently stopping watches and bending spoons without sometimes even holding them. The main line scientific community, on the other hand has derided telekinesis and lumped it it with the other so called 'psychic' powers such as psychic perception and telepathy. Each side were sure that they were correct. Neither party seemed to listen to the other side. So that is how these things have stood for many years. Now however, a revolutionary new toy with amazing features has arrived that will dazzle and delight followers and sceptics. Get ready to meet the amazing Mindflex Game features.

So, what you may ask is the Mindflex Game? Well, if you have ever imagined having the ability to move a solid object with just the power of your mind, then the Mindflex Game is going to be for you. For the Mindflex Game you wear a headset that is said to measure and amplify your natural brainwaves. As you concentrate and target your mental energies, a little foam ball rises on a light flow of air. If you stop your concentration or let your focus wander away from the Mindflex Game, then the ball will fall. The object of the Mindflex Game is to hone and exercise your psychological concentration so you may be able to transfer the foam ball thru a series of harder assault courses. You are able to practice and  play by yourself or with others in a superb psychological tournament!

Currently there is no other type of game available with features like the Mindflex Game. It goes without saying that the Mindflex Game is the hottest toy on the market this holiday season. Forget everything else. If you would like to give your children, friends and family some real excitement this year, then your option is the Mindflex Game. The Mindflex Game features and employs very complicated technology along with the natural power of your awareness to make an interactive gaming experience that is quite unique. If you think you have what it takes to be a Mindflex Game master then you need to buy the Mindflex Game and try its amazing telekinetic features for yourself!

Mindflex Game It’s Telekinesis!

Mindflex Game

Guess what. Telekenisis is real. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the fantastically unique Mindflex game by Mattl. That’s right: gone are the dice and cads of traditional games, and telekenisis is here. The object of Mindflex is simple: navigate a ball through an obstacle course. But when you realize that you have to do it using only the power of your mind, things get a lot more interesting (and challenging!)

The Obstacle course itself is customizable to allow for lots of different types of game play and to always provide a challenge. The layout and components can be interchanged. Also, there are five separate games that are playable on the board and are organized into 3 different skill levels in each to provide more of a challenge as your mastery of your mind increases over time.

So how does this seemingly magical game work? It is all done through the headset that you wear. The headband contains three inbuilt sensors – one on each temple and one against the forehead. You also attach some delicate clips to your earlobes (and fear not: they don’t hurt). All of these together measure your brain activity and the ball responds accordingly.

To start Mindflex, after you have your headset on, you place the foam ball in the starting position of the game. A little puff of air gets the ball rolling, but from then on you use only the power of your mind to move it up and down, while using a knob to move it forwards or backwards around the track. Concentrate hard and you’ll move the ball, and with practice you’ll be able to maneuver it through obstacles. Game variations include testing your speed to completing tasks, or another game involved moving the ball up and through a funnel to score points. The more effort you put in to Mindflex the more you will succeed, especially in the game that rewards extent of concentration.

Up to 4 players can give it a go if they have headsets, and the recommended age range is for anyone above age 8. The game is sure to be very popular due to curiosity and its innovation, and adults will soon be queuing up behind their kids to have their turn. Luckily, to get people used to it, it comes with a detailed instruction manual. So be ready to impress your friends with the awesome Mindflex game!

Mattel Mindflex Game An Ideal Gift At Christmas Time

The motto for the Mattel Mindflex Game is "Think it. Move it. Believe it." Those that like to believe in telekinesis or psychic powers can get pleasure from the game at one level, while those that are resolutely grounded in logic and science can appreciate it on a different level.

"Think it" explains just how the game is played. It moves the ball by means of a fan that is said to be powered by your ability to focus. The fan receives this info from a headband apparatus that transfers the power of brainwaves from you to the game component.

"Move it" refers to utilizing your mind to, in the end, get the ball to move. You use the facility of your brainpower to lift and lower the ball, and make use of your hand to regulate the site of the fan, allowing the ball to move left and right. At the start it's a little bit foreign trying to concentrate the mind, however once the ball moves up just a little bit, you're captivated!

"Believe it" is strictly what you'll do as you harness the ability of your consciousness to move the ball. Soon everybody will be astonished at your "powers" to maneuver the Mindflex ball in several ways. Then they will need to try it, too.

The game comes with nine completely different obstacles that can be organized in dozens, if not hundreds, of variants. You'll also play Mindflex without any obstacles for a simpler game, or less internse experience.

There are five game variants to choose from. Freestyle is good for novices. The obstruction course is further advanced (though it's customisable based mostly on how difficult you wish it to be). Other variants of the Mindflex Game include: Chase the lights, mental marathon, danger zone, and thoughtshot.

The Mindflex game makes a wonderful gift for anyone interested in the powers of the brain or looking for a distinctive game that mystifies as it entertains. Briefly, it's positive to be successful for just about anyone on your Christmas holiday shopping list, however you had better hurry, because this game is simply flying from the stores.

Mindflex Game

Mindflex Game
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A lightweight headset containing sensors for the forehead and earlobes measures your brainwave activity. When you focus your concentration, a small foam ball will rise on a gentle stream of air. Relax your thoughts and the ball will descend. By using a combination of physical and mental coordination, you must then guide the ball through a customizable obstacle coursethe various obstacles can be repositioned into many different configurations. MindflexTM combines advanced technology with the power of thought to create an interactive experience unlike any other a game where players compete in the ultimate mental marathon! For ages 8 and up.Requires[Read More]

Mindflex Game For Christmas

Here you can find great information and the best prices on the amazing Mindflex game from Mattel! These giants in the toy industry have come up with something spectacular that would make an ideal Christmas gift for any child with a taste for the scientific and the strange!

The Mindflex game from Mattel brings together advanced technology and the power of thought! Just slip on the Mindflex helmet and see how you fare with moving the ball around the various obstacles with only the power of your mind! This has long since been the dream of many people, and now that dream has become a reality with this ingenious game!

The Mindflex game from Mattel features obstacles that can be repositioned into many different variations,, meaning you can play the game again and again and try different courses each time! The Mindflex game really is something special and different to play and enjoy this Christmas- see how long it takes for you and your children to master it's challenges!

This is the place to be to find the best prices and deals on the wonderful Mindflex game from Mattel, which is sure to be a big hit with everyone who plays it! This is a unique way to play games and have fun, and its brilliant interface will wow the whole family. The Mindflex unit looks great and those obstacles will occupy the user for hours! It's time for something different this Christmas- it's time to play Mindflex!

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